Sunday, December 15, 2013

... and a Very Paranormal Holiday to You! Bloghop & Kindle Fire HD Giveaway

Authors Kallysten and Tricia Schneider have organized a Very Paranormal Holidays Blog Hop to share their love for paranormal romance, help you discover new authors, win books, prizes... and maybe a brand new Kindle Fire HD! I am so thrilled to be invited to participate. Enter to win a copy of my debut novel The Angel Connection and a new Kindle Fire HD, 7", wifi, 16GB (no "special offers" aka ads)! Be sure to read to the end to find out how...

But first, please read about the true paranormal events that happened to me and made their way into my book.

There’s a scene early in The Angel Connection where paranormal happenings convince Morgan the protagonist that the old Rectory she’s impulsively moved into is haunted. The spookiest event takes place one evening in the living room.

Morgan has just discovered a series of charcoal drawings hidden under the floorboards upstairs. The drawings are now spread out on the floor; “a patchwork quilt of white squares resting silently on the carpet. Suddenly the segment of carpet nearest us begins to rise, creating a kind of tunnel effect. As the first tunnel dissolves back into the floor, a second one ripples and rises, then a third and a fourth until the entire carpet of sketches is undulating like miniature ripples on a lake, a subtle low-rise ballet of pale parchments breathing up and down, astonishingly alive.”

This scene didn’t come from my imagination -- it actually happened to me. Back in the '70s my young sons and I moved into an old converted schoolhouse in rural Chester County, Pennsylvania. Shortly after I signed the lease, the landlord casually mentioned that the house was rumored to have ghosts. As a single mother with two little kids in the middle of nowhere, I would have preferred this information be disclosed before the signing of the lease. Too late. My name was on the dotted line. Shortly after that, weird stuff began to happen. Strange shadows oscillating on the cathedral ceiling, a phantasmagoric vision of a woman folding clothes, inexplicable noises in the kitchen, faint footsteps across the floorboards.

One Sunday afternoon, I was hosting a small brunch and talking about the unsettling possibility that there really was a ghost. One of the guests playfully called out, ”Here Ghostie, here ghostie!” My sister-in-law, in her signature Milanese accent, warned: “Don’t call him! He come!” The next moment the carpet in the living room stirred and began to undulate across the floor, creating tunnels from one end to the other. We stood there, pop-eyed and jaws agape. The eerie spectacle continued for perhaps forty seconds. That was the first time the carpet moved, but not the last. It happened several times more over a two-year period and there was no explanation for it.

We eventually vacated the schoolhouse (which we adored, despite the poltergeistic activity!) when my work required me to be closer to Philadelphia.
About five years had passed when a new friend and I discovered in passing that we had both lived in the schoolhouse, though her stay there was a few years prior to mine. We got to talking about the cute little house and ghosts, and I related my own scary stories, with emphasis on the undulating carpet. What she told me next made the hairs on my neck stand at attention.

She’s been in the process of moving out of the schoolhouse. All her furniture was gone but she couldn’t get into her new place until the next day, so she was spending one last night at the house in a sleeping bag on the living room floor. As she lay her head down, she felt the floorboards under her begin to ripple. It felt as if the floor was rising and falling. She spent a sleepless night and couldn’t get out of the place soon enough.
The undulating carpet in The Angel Connection is the first in a series of spooky paranormal events that mysteriously connect two women born a century apart. The convergence of their lives and loves leads to an explosive karmic conclusion. Could such an eerie event as a carpet rising and falling happen in “real life”?

Yes Dear Reader, it happened to me.

Special thanks to Kallysten and Tricia Schneider  for putting this bloghop together and graciously inviting me to take part.

Now to the goodies!

In order to enter the Kindle giveaway, you must first enter to win a copy of The Angel Connection. Two winners will be chosen randomly. US winners can choose between a print or a digital version; international winners will receive a digital version. All the authors participating in this Very Paranormal Holiday Bloghop are offering their readers the same opportunity to enter the Kindle giveaway. You will increase you chances of winning the Kindle if you visit each author below and participating in their individual giveaways. Before the winner of the Kindle Fire HD is announced, the entrant's participation will be validated.

To participate in the Kindle and The Angel Connection Giveaway, you must:
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After you've done that, you can enter the Kindle Fire HD giveaway by visiting

Contest ends 12/30/13.

Good luck everyone!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Upcoming Holiday Blog Hop

Judi will be writing a special blog post for A Very Paranormal Holidays Blog Hop from December 15-30, 2013. Please return here during that time to read a bone chilling incident that takes place in The Angel Connection which was inspired by true life events!

You'll have an opportunity to win a copy of The Angel Connection AND a Kindle Fire! How's that for a nice holiday treat for yourself?

Thanks to Tricia Schneider and Kallysten for making this possible!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Judi's Podcast Interview Tomorrow

Judi will be a guest on  The View From Over Here with Stan Weisleader tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12, 10-11am PT. Please visit CRN Digital Talk Radio and click on CRN1 to listen. If you can't listen live, the podcast will be available on the site.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Broken Angel

Judi's guest post on Shelf Pleasure is a touching and tender story about her search for the angel statue that graces the cover of The Angel Connection. Please read about her journey and discovery during her recent return visit to Bucks County, PA.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where The Angel Connection Was Born

Judi had a terrific visit to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas to promote The Angel Connection. Highlights included the TV appearances, a reading at The Book Garden, a tour of the area that inspired the book, and an update on the statue that graces the book's cover.

The Book Garden

Bucks County, PA

Daniel Duvall's Studio at Aquatong Farm

Aquatong Farm, where Angel and Daniel fall in love

Judi, the book and the statue

Sadly, the angel no longer has its wings

They lie in a heap nearby.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Judi Returns to CBS3 for Talk Philly Interview

Judi made a return appearance on CBS3 during her recent book tour for The Angel Connection. This time however, it was not as an on-air reporter, which is how locals were used to seeing her for years, but as an author on "Talk Philly," for an interview with host Pat Ciarrocchi. Judi and Pat talk about life in Hollywood and how Bucks County inspired this first novel.

And as an extra bonus on this Throwback Thursday (#tbt), here's Judi from her previous life as a CBS reporter:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Judi at The Book Garden

Judi will be reading and signing The Angel Connection at The Book Garden this Sunday, 1.30pm. Please come by to say hello!

The Book Garden
28 Bridge St.
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
(908) 996-2022

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Judi's Live Interview on NBC10 in Philly

The City of Brotherly Love continued to show its affection for Judi, its former resident, during her visit to the area to promote The Angel Connection. She appeared on NBC10 Philadelphia this morning for an interview about the book, with a special tidbit about the statue which graces the cover.

Judi Featured in Philadelphia Daily News

Molly Eichel, staff writer with the Philadelphia Daily News, very kindly posted an item in her column today about Judi's return to Bucks County, which served as the inspiration for her debut novel The Angel Connection. Judi also shares some tidbits on her upcoming new work How the Property Lies.
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Judi Visits Pat Ciarrocchi on Talk Philly

Judi's interview with NBC10's Pat Ciarrocchi on "Talk Philly" was aired today. They talked about how Bucks County inspired The Angel Connection and how the book came about. Thanks to Pat for a great time.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Birthplace of "The Angel Connection"

"I didn't buy the house -- the house bought me."

What exquisite timing! Judi is doing a book tour in Bucks County right now and today her guest blog for To Read, or Not To Read is about the birthplace of The Angel Connection. The coincidences are too numerous and too odd to be written off, so it was fated that Judi had to write this story which features reincarnation and karmic retribution at its core. Be sure to read this riveting account, and sign up for the giveaway!

Friday, October 11, 2013

A Terrific Goodreads Review!

Thank you Linda for such a wonderful review in Goodreads! Read what she has to say about The Angel Connection:

I recently received a copy of The Angel Connection by Judith Anne Barton in exchange for an honest review. I thought the premise of this book sounded really interesting, and I was not disappointed. This is the story of two women. In 1996 we meet Morgan, a twice-divorced unemployed woman who is estranged from her grown son. She decides to make a fresh start, so she moves to Bucks County, Pa, site of the Pa Impressionist movement. In 1895 we meet Evangeline, a preacher's wife and mother to 3-year old Willie. Evangeline (Angel) is a talented artist who has given up painting in order to support her husband in his ministry. She is trapped in a loveless marriage, and she meets a famous painter, Daniel. The author tells the parallels between the lives of both women. I could feel both stories building to a big conclusion. I found myself crying at times, because the book was so moving. I really felt the pain of the characters. This book had a bit of everything for me - love, passion, betrayal, karma, mystery, secrets, romance, history, tragedy, redemption, and a paranormal aspect that I found to be quite unique. This is a debut novel for Ms. Barton, and I hope she continues to write. I thought this book was hauntingly beautiful. It was a book I didn't want to put down.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bucks County Welcomes Judi

In advance of an appearance on NBC10 in Philadelphia next week, the Bucks County Courier Times features Judi on the front page of its local section today. Judi discusses The Angel Connection's Bucks County setting and its characters with writer Joseph Yeager. What a nice welcome back to a native daughter!

Monday, October 7, 2013

LibraryThing Giveaway Going On

LibraryThing is holding a giveaway for The Angel Connection for most of October. You must be a member to enter, but signing up is for free. Join the giveaway here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goodreads Author Chat Starts Monday

Judi starts an Author Chat on Goodreads next Monday, continuing through to Friday (Sept 30-Oct 4). She'd love to talk to you!

Please sign up for Goodreads now, and then join the Author Chat group to get a reminder the day before the the chat starts. And please, join the conversation! Judi looks forward to answering questions about how The Angel Connection came to be, her inspiration, the themes that appear in the story and more.

New Reviews of "The Angel Connection"

The Angel Connection has received some great ink recently! Check out these reviews and interviews:

Irene Roth interviews Judi for SheWrites and Fearless Writer's Blog, and she reviews the book on Irene's Inspiring Book Reviews and Author Interviews.

Irene writes: "The story is emotional, tinged in doom and scary in places. The heroines seem to be deeply flawed but very real and humane. All women will be able to relate to their plight in that most women are trying to balance career and family obligations... So, grab a box of Kleenex, and a pot of tea and settle into your favourite chair. You are in for a  heck of a ride reading this wonderful book!"

A Bookish Affair reviews the book and says, "Overall, this book would be a great pick for historical-fiction fans who are looking for a bit of paranormal as a side dish for their history."

Judi's Interview with Amy Manemann

Read Judi's recent interview with blogger Amy Manemann. They talk about when Judi was bitten by the writing bug, her source of inspiration and if she's a daydreamer or realist (guess which it is!).

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Interview with Judi on Free Book Friday

Free Book Friday just finished a successful giveaway of The Angel Connection. Thanks to all who entered and liked Judi's Facebook page, followed her on Twitter and are here visiting her blog. Also featured was an interview with Judi about TAC as a film, the research behind the book and Judi's sexy dinner date!

Judi's Now on Bublish

Check out Judi's page on Bublish, a new authors to readers platform. There's an excerpt and an author insight on how The Angel Connection came to be.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

New "Angel Connection" Giveaway Starts

A new giveaway starts today on So Many Precious Books, So Little Time, along with a feature on The Angel Connection. If you don't already have a copy, take advantage of this giveaway now!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Judi's a Trending Topic!

The lovely Sezoni Whitfield sent over a screen cap showing Judi tweeting during the #WritersKaboodle authors chat, just at the moment that it was a trending topic on Twitter. Thank you Sezoni -- what a thrill!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Judi and the Twitter Author Chat

Judi had a live Twitter author chat this morning with Sezoni Whitfield who produces the "Writers Kaboodle" weekly author chat on Twitter. Judi was a bit nervous at first, but she came through with flying colors! She got into the swing of things and was tweeting faster than Sezoni could ask questions. You can find Judi's chat on her Twitter stream at @jbartonbooks. Check out #writerskaboodle on Twitter every Thursday from 9am-9pm ET and well as its website. Sezoni is a great supporter of authors and interviews an author every hour. Thanks for the great discussion Sezoni!

Interview with Judi

Read what inspired Judi to write The Angel Connection in this interview at

The Miracle of Earrings

Read Judi's guest post, "The Miracle of Earrings," on the karmic, mystical qualities of Bucks County, PA which she wrote for Bookhounds, and learn why this fabled area is so magical.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Join Judi in a Twitter Author Interview

Judi will be taking part in a Twitter interview tomorrow, Thursday, 8/29/13, noon - 1pm PT with Sezoni Whitfield. She'll be talking about The Angel Connection and how the novel came to be. Exciting and scary at the same time! Go to Twitter and follow #writerskaboodle.

"The Angel Connection" Is Featured on Writers' Site

We Wanted to Be Writers is featuring an excerpt from The Angel Connection today. Many thanks to Cheryl Olsen and her unflagging support. Earlier this month, WW2BW posted Judi's bedtime reading picks in its Books by the Bed column. Check out how Judi's reading books of biblical proportions every night!

"The Angel Connection" Giveaways Going On Right Now

There are two giveaways for The Angel Connection happening right now. Try your luck and enter both of them!

Five copies will be given away on September 13. Group membership required, but it's for free. Bonus! Judi will holding an Author's Chat Sept 30-October 4, 2013. Sign up for the group now so you'll get a reminder the day before.

Giveaway ends 8/30/13. Also read Judi's guest post on the miracles that take place in Bucks County.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Check Out This Kirkus Review of The Angel Connection!

A terrific review from Kirkus...
Kirkus Review
In this romantic thriller, mysterious convergences link two lives separated by 100 years.
In 1996, after her reputation, marriage, career as a TV journalist and relationship with her adult son, Chad, are trashed, Morgan Reed starts over in Milltown, Pa., a village in beautiful Bucks County. She feels drawn there, particularly to the 200-year-old former rectory that she buys. In 1895, Evangeline Laury, minister’s wife and mother to a small boy, feels stifled in provincial Milltown. She misses the cultured life she’d led in Philadelphia and her painting, especially when she learns that a local American impressionist, the charismatic Daniel Duvall, is giving lessons. As Morgan, with the help of her handsome but mercurial neighbor Victor, works on a documentary about 1895 Milltown, she uncovers more spooky parallels between her life and Evangeline’s. Both women, desperate for love and connection, are guiltily caught between competing attractions and responsibilities, whether for a husband, lover, child or work, and both women will experience the tragic death of someone close. In her debut novel, Barton writes lush descriptions of beauty and desire, with interesting historical details, many of which seem borrowed from real-life American impressionist painter Daniel Garber and his Bucks County studio at Cuttalossa Farm. (Black-and-white historical photos in the book go uncredited.) Though the narrative works to account for Morgan’s needy self-pity and Evangeline’s blind desire, readers might feel less sympathy than the writer intends, especially since other characters pay the ultimate price for the women’s culpability. In particular, deeply emotional Evangeline’s self-punishing guilt becomes internal melodrama. When Victor very reasonably objects to involving sullen, hard-drinking Chad on the documentary project, it’s a welcome moment of sensibleness: “It is not my problem to save your son.”
Emotional, doom-tinged and spooky, with two deeply flawed heroines.

Click this link to see the review on the Kirkus website:

Kindle Version Now Available!

The Angel Connection is now available in both Kindle and Trade paperback! Buy now at

Click here to buy:

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The Angel Connection Available Now!

The Angel Connection by Judith Anne Barton is available now on Amazon! Buy this riveting, burning, epic romance here. Kindle version soon to follow.

(Click "here" to buy)